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Dr. Garrett Moss in front of the IronMan World Championship sign, with a medal around his neck. Bottom of the image has the IronMan logo, the date: October 6, 2022, and his time listed as 10:46:04

The Preventative Benefits of Running

At South Island Orthopedics, we are dedicated to improving the musculoskeletal health of our patients. Our team consists of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists trained in their respective specialties to …

American teenage high school pitcher on the mound during a game. He is about to throw the baseball.

Overuse Injuries in Youth Baseball

Baseball season is in full swing. Unfortunately, so are baseball injuries. From our Yankees’ Aaron Judge chasing the single-season home run record, to our own children playing in the local parks …

Arthritis Awareness Month 2021

May marks Arthritis Awareness Month 2021. It’s an opportune time to learn more about different types of arthritis, symptoms, treatment, and prevention. Currently, while certain treatments help reduce the side …