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General Orthopedics


Living with pain or an injury can affect every aspect of your life and keep you from doing the things you love. You need orthopedic care from expert orthopedic doctors and surgeons with in-depth knowledge and experience in adult orthopedic surgery and treatments to alleviate your discomfort and get you back to a pain-free life as quickly as possible.

At South Island Orthopedics, our highly skilled team of orthopedic specialists understand the intricacies of the musculoskeletal system. They provide diagnosis, surgical and non-surgical treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of various orthopedic problems. From joint replacements and repairs to broken bones and arthritis, our medical experts provide orthopedic care to patients of all ages. This includes serving residents from Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, New York, as well as the surrounding boroughs, including Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan with the highest standard of orthopedic treatment options available

Common Orthopedic Conditions & Issues In Adults

Doctor with gloved hands examines a patient’s knee in preparation for adult orthopedic surgery.Although hundreds of conditions can cause problems with the musculoskeletal system (which consists of 206 bones and over 600 muscles along with tendons, ligaments, and soft tissue), some orthopedic conditions are especially common.  

Our orthopedic specialists treat the following musculoskeletal-related conditions in adults: 

When To Make An Appointment With An Orthopedic Doctor

Middle age man in blue shirt swings a golf club after shoulder surgery.If you have an injury or ongoing pain, your primary care provider may refer you to an orthopedic doctor for specialized care. 

Signs that you should make an appointment with an orthopedic care specialist include:

  • An injury to the soft tissue that worsens within 48 hours 
  • Chronic joint or bone pain that lasts longer than three months 
  • Limited mobility in one or more joints 
  • Feeling unstable or shaky while walking
  • Joint instability 
  • A broken bone, severe sprain, or other apparent injuries 
  • Obvious deformity in the bones or joints
  • Pain or stiffness that interferes with your daily activities 

During your visit, you can expect the doctor to go over your complete medical history, discuss your specific symptoms and what you have done to alleviate them, and conduct a thorough examination. The doctor may also order imaging tests, including X-ray, MRI, and CT scans, for a closer look at your muscles, bones, and joints to make an accurate diagnosis.

Treating Common Adult Orthopedic Issues

There are nearly as many treatment options for orthopedic conditions as there are conditions themselves. When you work with the providers at South Island Orthopedics, you can expect some of the following treatments. 

Arthritis Treatment

The bones of healthy joints have thick cartilage at their ends protected by the synovium— a fluid-filled capsule. However, age, overuse, and certain health conditions can damage the cartilage, causing swelling, inflammation, and joint pain, or arthritis. Although there are more than 100 types of arthritis, the most common are osteoarthritis, which wears away at the bone-protecting cartilage, and rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the synovium.

Orthopedic surgeons perform arthroscopic knee surgery on an adult patient.Arthritis is a degenerative disease currently incurable, but it can be treated to increase function, relieve symptoms, and slow progression. Some of the most common arthritis treatments include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Lifestyle changes, including increased exercise 
  • Support devices that relieve stress, such as splints, crutches, or canes
  • Cortisone injections 
  • Joint replacement surgery 

Knee and Hip Orthopedic Conditions 

The knee may be the strongest joint in the body, but as an active, weight-bearing joint, it’s vulnerable to a range of injuries and conditions that cause severe pain and limit activity. 

These include:

Although some knee conditions may be manageable with pain medication, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes, knee replacements, and knee arthroscopic procedures are among the most common adult orthopedic surgeries. Orthopedic surgeons use minimally invasive arthroscopic tools to repair ligaments, realign kneecaps, and repair meniscus tears, among other procedures. 

The hip joint is another common area for adult orthopedic surgery. In addition to hip replacements, orthopedic surgeons perform arthroscopic procedures to repair torn labrums or cartilage, remove bone spurs that restrict full range of motion, and remove loose bodies from the joint. 

Shoulder Surgery 

Shoulder injuries are common in adults due to overuse, sports (like tennis or golf), hard falls, or other traumatic injuries. Our team of orthopedic surgeons may recommend surgery for common shoulder issues, including:

Although many shoulder surgeries are performed arthroscopically, shoulder joint replacements and some rotator cuff repairs require more invasive procedures. 

Joint Replacement Treatments

When a joint is severely damaged due to a chronic disease or severe injury, a full replacement is the best way to restore function and eliminate pain. The doctors at South Island Orthopedics’ replace hip, knee, shoulder, and wrist joints.

In rare cases, the prosthesis used for joint replacement doesn’t work properly. If this occurs, additional surgery to adjust or replace the prosthesis may be required.

Why Choose SIO for Adult Orthopedic Surgery

Whether you have a degenerative disease causing extreme pain or an acute injury that needs treatment, you want orthopedic care from an expert provider. For residents of Suffolk and Nassau County and throughout Long Island, South Island Orthopedics offers the highest quality orthopedic care in a compassionate environment where you are welcomed like family. 

When you choose our team of orthopedic specialists and orthopedic surgeons, you can expect: 

Access to Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeons  

Board certification indicates surgeons are committed to their orthopedic specialty and the highest standards of care; all of South Island’s orthopedic surgeons are either board certified or eligible for certification. 

Board certification is a voluntary process involving a five-year orthopedic residency, passing a standardized exam, and completing an oral exam. The oral exam involves presenting 12 surgical cases to a board of examiners, who evaluate a surgeon’s performance on critical areas such as handling of complications, ethics, and professionalism. 

Board certification also requires written peer reviews from people the surgeon has worked with, including surgical staff. The process is rigorous and ensures that when you choose a board-certified surgeon at SIO, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the highest quality care. 

Multiple Surgical Options 

Although many patients find relief via non-surgical treatments like physical therapy, injections, and pain management, sometimes surgery is necessary. South Island Orthopedics is committed to the least invasive surgical procedures possible. 

South Island’s orthopedic surgery team frequently performs procedures arthroscopically. An arthroscopy requires only small incisions, meaning there’s a lower risk of excessive bleeding, less pain and scarring, and a shorter recovery time. 

Non-Surgical Care Options 

Orthopedic care doesn’t always require surgery. Patients of South Island Orthopedics may find relief with conservative treatment plans, which include:

South Island Orthopedics puts patients first, which means a commitment to the highest standards of orthopedic care. All patients are treated as individuals and receive personalized care that addresses their unique condition, whether it involves a surgical procedure or not. 

South Island Orthopedics Doctors Are Here to Help Residents of Long Island, NY

Accessing the highest quality orthopedic surgeons on Long Island is easy thanks to South Island Orthopedics. Our four New York locations—in Rockaway, Rockville Center, Cedarhurst and Woodbury—make it easy to see an orthopedic doctor whether you live on the North or South Shore in Long Island. We know you have a busy schedule, so we offer convenient office hours and same-day appointments for emergency or urgent orthopedic care needs. 

There’s no need to live with pain or limited mobility. Don’t hesitate to request an appointment with one of our orthopedists and experience the highest standard in orthopedic care