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Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

Both the shoulder and elbow are among the most complex joints in our bodies, and prone to injuries that can affect everyday functioning. Injuries range from broken bones and torn ligaments to irritation and inflammation caused by overuse. Regardless of the cause of the pain, the result is the same: Performing even simple activities can be difficult or impossible, and the discomfort can be unbearable.

There’s no need to live with shoulder and elbow pain, though. The team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons at South Island Orthopedics are experts in treating shoulder and elbow conditions, whether they are due to hours on the golf course or tennis court, a hard fall, or other conditions. We are here to help.

South Island’s Approach to Treating Shoulder and Elbow Injuries

Although surgery may be necessary for certain shoulder and elbow conditions, SIO’s philosophy is based on treating without surgery whenever possible. Depending on the severity of the injury and the underlying cause, your treatment plan may include non-invasive options like physical therapy, pain management, PRP therapy, and steroid injections.

If non-invasive techniques aren’t effective, though, you can expect the most advanced, least invasive surgical procedure possible performed by one of our experienced orthopedic experts in a surgical center close to home.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

A female in tennis whites prepares to hit the ball back to her male opponent on the tennis court.SIO is committed to minimally invasive surgical procedures whenever possible. This often means providing patients with shoulder pain relief via shoulder arthroscopy or a shoulder scope procedure. This minimally invasive surgical technique only requires small incisions, where fiber-optic devices (arthroscopes) and tiny surgical instruments are inserted. This technique also avoids cutting any muscles or tendons to gain access to the affected area.

Arthroscopy can treat many conditions that affect the shoulder joint. These include:

  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Labral tears
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Biceps tendonitis
  • AC joint arthritis
  • Shoulder instability

Shoulder scope procedures benefit both the surgeon and the patient. Orthopedic surgeons can diagnose and treat many different shoulder conditions with arthroscopy. In fact, some conditions can actually be treated during a diagnostic procedure by inserting a few additional instruments into the joint area.

Patients also benefit from arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Some of the advantages include:

  • Less tissue damage
  • Less recovery time.
  • Less scarring 
  • Less postoperative pain 

While arthroscopy offers many benefits over a traditional open procedure, it is not for everybody. Some conditions, especially those that are not easily visible with the arthroscopic camera, may be better suited for traditional surgery. Your doctor will decide which type of procedure is right for you.

Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

 Young woman holds her shoulder and neck in pain while working out in the park.One of the most common shoulder injuries that require surgical treatment is a torn or damaged rotator cuff. A rotator cuff is a group of tendons and shoulder muscles that support the shoulder joint and allow for complete movement while keeping the ball of the arm bone in the shoulder socket. These tendons and muscles may become torn or otherwise damaged from injury or overuse and can lead to pain, weakness, and inflammation.

Rotator cuff repair surgery may be performed via a shoulder scope surgery or through an open procedure, depending on the type and severity of the condition. Both procedures are performed under general anesthesia and aim to reattach the tendon back to the arm.

Rotator cuff repair surgery usually provides shoulder pain relief. However, it may not be possible to restore full joint strength. Recovery time depends on the type of surgery but can take several months. Shoulder scope recovery time is often shorter than open surgery.

Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at South Island Orthopedics

When you need surgery, whether a shoulder arthroscopy to treat tendonitis or a rotator cuff repair, the team at South Island Orthopedics has the experience you need. Although any surgery comes with risks, such as infection, pain or stiffness, nerve damage, or additional procedures, these complications are rare.  

Our team of board-certified surgeons is experienced in the latest surgical techniques and will be with you every step of the way. Our affiliations with local surgical centers and hospitals ensure all patients receive care close to home, wherever they live on Long Island. 

If you have a shoulder or elbow injury that needs treatment, contact us today and experience the standard in the best orthopedic care.