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Back and Spine Care for the Entire Family

Back pain is a common complaint that many people bring to their doctors. It causes significant disability and could be preventing you from working or enjoying normal activities.

Learn more about what’s causing your back symptoms and what you can do about it. From degenerative diseases to injuries, back pain has many potential causes and only an orthopedic specialist can make a firm diagnosis. With that diagnosis, you can start to find solutions.

Download our new eBook on back symptoms and treatments from Long Island spine surgery specialists to learn more about: 

  • Common symptoms associated with back and spine conditions
  • Symptoms that require immediate medical attention
  • The potential causes of your back pain, including disc disease and osteoarthritis
  • Non-surgical treatment options
  • Surgical procedures to correct back pain when conservative measures fail to bring relief
  • When to talk to an orthopedist instead of your primary physician
  • Leading back and spine specialists on Long Island

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