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Common Winter Injuries

By Dr. Jeffrey Guttman

Winter has arrived.  And with it comes the ice, snow and hard to navigate streets, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. This time of year we see an influx of patients with injuries due to the weather. For ways to avoid falls, read my latest blog entry, “Tips To Prevent Winter Falls.

In addition, with the winter weather comes winter sports season – skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating. Participating in these types of activities can make you at risk for a sports related accident.

Here some of the most common winter sports injuries that often require urgent treatment.

Wrist (Distal Radius) Fracture
A “Colles” (distal radius) fracture is a particular type of wrist fracture involving the distal radius. This type of injury usually occurs when a person lands on an outstretched hand to break their fall. Distal radial fractures can also happen during skiing, snowboarding or other falls. This is one of the most common fractures we see and in most cases can be treated by placing the wrist in a cast.

Hand Fractures
Most fractures in the hand can be treated with application of a simple waterproof cast, however for some cases hand fractures may require surgery. Surgery is recommended if there is damage to the joints or if the bone can’t align.

Finger Fractures
Finger fractures can be painful and have serious consequences if not treated properly. These injuries require appropriate treatment to ensure that function of the hands and fingers is not limited after the healing process.

Ankle Fracture
Broken ankles are among the most prevalent of the fracture types. These fractures often occur when the bones of the ankle sustain an injury from a fall or twist. Often, surgery is necessary to achieve proper alignment during the healing process.

Metatarsal Stress Fracture
Metatarsal stress fractures are common in the winter months due to a person’s increase in activities such as shoveling snow, ice-skating, skiing or snowboarding. Metatarsal stress fractures can be very painful. When not allowed adequate healing time, surgery can be necessary. Most of the time, however, these injuries can be treated with proper rest.

It is important to have winter injuries examined by one of our highly trained orthopedic specialists. Call us today should you be experiencing any pain. We’ll get you back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.


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